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As a travel family our main goal is to provide families with a realistic view of what it is like traveling with TWO kids under 5! We love to create fun and exciting content (videos and photos) to show families that it IS POSSIBLE to travel with children, hoping they follow our lead. 

We want to work with you! We would love to work with hotels, resorts, AirBnB hosts and businesses to provide website and social media content to raise awareness to...YOU! 


We share our experiences on our own social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) by creating short highlight films, photos and travel blog/vlog. This helps our network of over 30,000 followers learn about unique travel experiences that we hope they would love. In turn, this could drive business to you! 

What we would like to offer you! 

  • Brand awareness and social media influencing. Promoting you, your brand, your gadget, your business, etc..on our pages through vlog/blog posts, videos, IG and FB stories. 
  • Content creation/Social Media Awareness: Working with you to draw attention to your business via videos and photos. We show potential customers what you want them to see! 


Why work with us? 

Great question. How do we differ from other travel families? 

  • We want to showcase what the average travel family would experience. We aren't lucky enough to travel full time (We wish!) and we do have a budget! We LOVE our jobs and are lucky enough to have the flexibility to spend our free time traveling. There is a real gap in this market and we want to appeal to those relatable families by showing them that, 1. They CAN travel to amazing places with kids and 2. They don't have to break the bank to do so. We want to partner with AirBnBs, hotels, resorts, and businesses and show our experience, not the seemingly unattainable glitz and glam that can deter the average family from pulling the trigger to travel. We know that a great experience can make or break a holiday. That’s why we showcase our personal experience in the content we create.

  • Creative marketing content: You know what really drives us? Creating content that inspires families to go outside of their comfort zone and travel. We want to work with you and show them our journey through our eyes! (and camera lens). 

  • Brand voice: We are a young family offering funny and honest advice and info whilst traveling the world.

  • We interact with our followers and have became a trusted voice for travel trips. 

  • Professional background: We both work in HR...we are people centric by nature :) 

Can Social Media help your business grow? 

Is your business new to social media or are you looking to increase your following? Let us help! 

If you are new to social media, we can help you with:

  • Brand-awareness

  • Impressions

  • Engaging content

  • And more!

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