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Live Simply. Clutter Doesn't Just Exist In Your Physical Space.

I purged my Instagram. Not of friends I don't talk to anymore but of anyone that doesn't make me feel good about myself. You see, the majority of my IG was either beauty or fashion bloggers. Ok Ok…. and lots of smushed face cats, a few malamutes and one Walter the Wolfhound.

I LOVED following the fashion and beauty because I could just simply mirror them- the links to their outfits or make up were right there. It was easy to like a look and replicate it to the best of my ability.

I remember thinking, these women aren’t models. They are everyday women. That was the beauty of following them on IG- I got insight into their day to day or what they want their day to day to seem like. Either way, I’m not judging these women. Some have made a living off it and are getting free clothes and make up. I did buy a bathing suit that I LOVE because an IGer was wearing it and I felt amazing in it so thank you for that.

These women, the fashion bloggers…. I have some questions:

  1. Who is taking your photos perfectly staged on the street? Does someone follow you around? Is It your husband? If so, how annoyed with you does he get?

  2. How LONG did it take you to get ready in the morning? I mean honestly- and if you say minimal time I have some follow up questions – no judgement on these answers either. (What I wouldn’t give for veneers… )

  3. Are your eyelashes real, do you have microbladed eyebrows? Do you wear hair extensions? Are your teeth veneers?

  4. Do you have a maid to keep track of all of your clothes and accessories and if you don’t how much TIME do you spend organizing it all? Do you do your laundry or send it all out?

  5. How much money do you spend per month on clothes and makeup?

  6. Do you REALLY walk around in those heels or are they just for the picture? I can’t possibly believe women will walk around in stilettos for hours sightseeing or whatever. However, we were at Windsor castle and this woman was wearing high heeled knee high boots. First off, she had to remove them at security which took forever and second, it was COBBLESTONE streets. What made you decide to wear those shoes to tour a castle on a hillside? She went 0.01 mph clutching her man and resembled Bambi after her birth when she was learning to stand.

Without even realizing it IG had taken over my sense of my physical self. I don’t want my day to day sense of my physical self hindered because I’m comparing myself to these women. Most of the time it was subconsciously. I didn’t know I was comparing myself. In fact, I never thought about it until I heard a podcast. I am telling you, podcasts are full of ENLIGHTENMENT. I swear this isn’t a plug for podcasts by any means.

It’s easy to say those you follow are all for purely mindless entertainment but really ask yourself especially for those people you don’t know personally- does this person out there in social media land enhance my life in some way, make me feel good about myself? In my case, my IG follows did none of that. Perhaps I have more deep rooted insecurities, but I sure feel way less anxiety about my physical appearance having decluttered my IG. Not to mention I have no unnecessary desires for clothes or makeup.

I will say, London is an inspiration for fashion! I see it all IN REAL LIFE daily and what I LOVE about it… Most women are wearing trainers (aka tennis shoes). PRACTICALITY PEOPLE! Then you get to work and realize everyone’s heels are scattered under their desk… That’s first hand reality not some perfectly posed IG pic!

Whatever social media outlet(s) you use, I urge you purge you (hmmm “urge you to purge you” is quite a nice phrase). Declutter your life from things that don’t bring out the best version of you or bog you down- knowingly or unknowingly.

Leave social media to keep up with the trends because I promise you, you’ll never be able to and you’ll miss parts of your life right in front of you that will enrich your soul more than anything your thumb can scroll by.

So now when I scroll, I see friends and family, travel bloggers and those cats, dogs and Walter!

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