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I Drink Tea Incorrectly..

I drink tea incorrectly. There..It feels good to get that off my chest.

I’ve been in London for a while now and until this week I’ve been clueless as to my ignorance to tea. I’m quite embarrassed that I’ve been functioning in the manner I have within my small office.

My afternoon tea routine prior to this revelation was quite simple- grab a mug. Use the hot water machine to fill it with hot water. Stick a tea bag in it, put milk or sugar or whatever I fancy in it and come back to my desk with the tea bag string hanging over the edge of the mug.

WRONG. On so many levels!

As a Friday came to wind down and colleague chatter was left to pass the time, we came on the topic of “proper tea” which became utterly astounding to me.

Proper tea routine:

Teabag in bottom of mug, THEN add the hot water directly on top of the tea bag (breaks apart the leaves and enhances flavour). Take a stir stick or use the tea bag to steep the tea, dipping, it etc. REMOVE the tea bag. If and ONLY if the tea you are drinking is English breakfast can you add milk. Again, English Breakfast is the only tea it is proper to add milk to. Outside of that, earl gray, fruit teas, mint teas, etc NO MILK, however sugar and/or honey are appropriate to these.

I imagine those in the break room during my afternoon tea could easily tell I’m an American if not by my blond hair, pale skin and odd accent, then definitely by my inability to make proper tea.

My colleagues did admit the first several times I’d sit at my desk with my tea bag hanging over my mug, they’d chuckle inside.

So to the tea drinkers out there- you’re welcome! You can now drink tea like a proper Brit!