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So there is a "Little Venice" in London..and it’s AMAZING!

Sara and I closed out this bank holiday weekend by doing something we often do. We happen upon amazing places without planning.

It has been beautiful these last few days in London and the city is alive! No longer are we seeing grey dreary skies in foggy ole' London Town. It has been 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky! For our first spring here in England, we have been blessed. It's like people are awakening from a deep dark slumber, stumbling out our their homes, squinty eyed and ready for interaction with the living. Pubs are packed and people are standing outside drinks and food in hand. Kids are playing outside and their laughter is infectious. People seem to be nicer and in a brighter mood and I can understand why!

We had a great weekend! We both got to go for nice long runs without being bundled up. We explored the city, went to the Marylebone farmers market and stocked up with food for the week. Finally made it to Primrose Hill and overlooked the city. Even found a new park. We visited a farm in the middle of London (Mudchute Park & Farm) and had a pint in the Isle of Dogs with friends. *Alert! Pics coming!*

This brings me to the best part. I saw a post on IG ( I forget what page ) that had a canal and boats. It was tagged "London's Little Venice." I showed it to Sara and off we went. Little did we know that we stumbled upon the Inland Waterway Association Canalway Cavalcade. The IWA Canalway Cavalcade is London's biggest, brightest and best waterways festival and it did not disappoint! a 25 minute walk and BOOM! We were there. Boats and café’s on boats are always parked on the canalway but there were beer and food booths, vendors selling their wares and a huge playground with kid rides. We got there a bit late so we had to breeze through. It was incredible. We could have spent two days here and we were kind of kicking ourselves that we didn't find this earlier in the week so we could have planned to get there early. We walked around and got the kids some food and ice cream. Enjoyed the people watching and this reminded us why we fell in love with this city. No matter where you go, planned or unplanned, London is full of surprises. We will make our way back to Little Venice and have lunch on a boat and take a cruise from the Venice Port to the Zoo. Yeah, that’s a thing. It amazes me that these little hidden gems continue to find their way into our lives. Take a look below! For more info visit: