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Hey. Lets Go To...Scotland!

Happy New Year!!!

Scotland. A country rich with history! From the stunning landscapes, food, scotch and bagpipes, Scotland has it all. It's also home to one of our favourite breweries, BrewDog. For me, Scotland was a place that I have only read about and hoped to maybe go one day. We decided to take the train from London. If London is your starting point, I highly recommend this! You get to see the beautiful English countryside and then Scotland lets you know when you arrive as you see the rolling hills and mountains.

We are huge castle nerds and decided to visit Edinburgh. We mainly explored Old Town. We tucked into many shops, cafes, pubs, and churches. We only had a weekend there and wanted to take it all in. We didn't get a chance to actually go inside Edinburgh Castle but as you walk up the Royal Mile the castle looms over you! It is a bit of an incline but worth it. Make sure your buggy has rubber tires as plastic wheels will get owned on the cobblestones!

Edinburgh Castle is MASSIVE! Abel loves castles and always wants to "take the Kings money!" On the way up to the castle you will come across Camera Obscura. This is a world of illusions and awesome for the family. It also has stunning rooftop views! Now, Edinburgh is windy, especially in November! Be prepared.

Walking up and down The Royal Mile and Holyrood Rd. you are sure to find plenty of shops and cafes to pop into. Usually these shops are loaded with wool clothes, Scottish trinkets and scotch whisky. Some stores gave out free samples! We caved in and got the kids some mini bagpipes. At first I thought it was a bad idea but it was fun to watch them figure it out.

I was impressed with the food! You usually don't think Scottish food as being anything spectacular but we didnt have a bad meal. I have included the places where we ate below. We ate at The Holyrood and Ox184 twice! Two words..Fried Haggis. The Hollyrood has your typical pub food but seemed to have better standards than the norm. Also had one of the best burgers I have ever had! Ox184 had great BBQ and lots of room for families. Highly recommend both places. For brunch we decided to go to The City Cafe. Amazing little vintage rock cafe with that old school diner feel.

We could not leave Edinburgh without taking the trip to Rosslyn Chapel. If you have seen or read the DaVinci Code, this chapel is featured in it. The art work and carvings inside the church are intriguing and the stories that lie within this chapel will keep historians busy for a lifetime. It was awesome to let the kids run around the chapel grounds and meet "William the Chapel Cat." A cat that has descended from a long line fo chapel cats! He sat quietly in a pew and didn't mind the kids petting him. We even got a few stuffed animals in his likeness and a book. Again, we are suckers..From murder to the Templars, this church is a must see!

Here is a list of the places we went and stayed!