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How to stay in AirBnB's with kids!

Happy April!

Wow-It just feels like we were celebrating Christmas! Springtime is upon us here in London and we are stoked to see the weather turn! Sunlight first...warm weather next. Slowly but surely.

We wanted to pass along a few simple tips that we use to stay in AirBnBs. These tips have saved us money, challenged our creative brain and helped us interact with the hosts on a better level.

Put yourself in the mindset of a AirBnB host for a second. When you see a booking come across that has two adults and two small kids. You are thinking, "Oh great. Can't wait to clean up the mess once these two kids destroy our beautiful flat!"

Extreme I know. That what I would be thinking. They probably aren't thinking that but we make sure that when we leave the house we are staying in, it is super clean and nothing is broken!

We always try to stay in AirBnB's. It's just our preference. We like having our own private space that has all the comforts of home. Especially if the owner takes the time to make the space unique, leaves local information and the occasional bottle of bubbly! Now-We aren't anti hotel or resort. They have their benefits. Whilst in Malta we stayed in at the SeaShells Resort and it had a pool, kids club, big gift shop..everything! I think there is a time, place and certain areas for resorts.

Here are a few tips we have for making the most out of your AirBnB stay!

Once we find the perfect house in the right area we alway reach out to the owner of the property before booking and ask if they would like to exchange services. We let them know that we can provide professional style photos and videos of their property and make a customised YouTube highlight video for their website and other social media outlets. We let them know that we will also post our experience on our social media pages in order to draw attention to their property. If they want to knock down the price or even host us, that's great! If they say "no" its not a deal breaker for us, we will still promote the property the best we can. Don't be afraid to ask for these things if you have the equipment to provide that service. They worst they can say is no! Remember, you don't need fancy equipment to provide good content!

Always...and I mean ALWAYS stop at a local grocery and stock up. We usually get a few bottles of wine or beer at the airport duty free as well. Some countries have odd closing and opening times or won't sell alcohol on Sundays as well so keep that in mind. Buying groceries is a must as you never know what the property will be stocked with. This includes shower stuff!

If you have a little one, always ask if they have a travel cot. They don't always list that in the description but most usually have it.

Be respectful and always obey the owners wishes. When you leave the AirBnb make sure to leave it clean! Don't trash the place. Sara and I have a habit of always breaking one glass. We obviously dont mean to do it..we almost cant avoid it. When this happens we message the owner and leave them some money so they can replace it. Not only can you review the property but the owners can review you! Keep that in mind.

Scout the area around the property and know where everything is. This will help you get around if you dont have access to wifi.

Communicate with the host and ask where the good spots are. This will help you live like the locals and avoid touristy spots. We always try to get the genuine feel of the area we are staying.

Lastly, always try and leave your review within two weeks of departure. AirBnB is a user driven site and hosts rely on the reviews for business. They helped you out, so help them out!