Andy Hurley

Chief Dad Officer

Cincinnati, Ohio born and raised. Father of two. Husband of one. Recovering college baseball player turned full time softball player. Pretty good video gamer and Lego builder. Oftentimes finds himself falling into conspiracy theories deep in the YouTube worm hole. Believes in aliens as well as ghosts and that The Sopranos is the best T.V. series ever made. .


Sara Hurley

Director of Motherhood

Wooster, Ohio born and raised. Blessed mother of two. Lover of Grey's Anatomy, wine, dark chocolate and a good charcuterie plate. Wife to her "third child" and constantly grounding him back to reality. Secretly loves John Stamos and Neil Diamond.


Abel Hurley

First born / Dinosaur

Full time toddler. Thinks Sodor is a real place and that when the dinosaurs died, they went to space. He Surprises us daily with his intelligence and does not eat real food. Only cheese sticks and pancakes.


Norah Hurley

2nd born / Bulldog

Cute, cuddly, stubborn and does not take sh*@t from anyone. Can probably eat an entire pizza. Loves dancing and picking on her big brother.


"Baby Tiger"


You can find "Baby Tiger" in the firm clutches of Abel 24/7, except for the times when he leaves him at day care. He is a little beat up but he is still snuggly.

Meet The Hurley Fam